Employee motivation key for success

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Employees are an important factor in retail. Motivated employees add value by showing enthusiasm with human interest and through their knowledge. Employees who behave in this style give customers and colleagues energy and confidence and make an important contribution to the identity of the company.

Employee  motivation is key to harnessing distinctive potential of in-store shopping and is therefore, a prerequisite for  succes . Continuous education and training give employees knowledge and visible self-confidence. Employees function better by stimulating self-initiative and adequate personal planning. The result is greater efficiency, higher sales and more importantly, build employee customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Now is the time and the need to think about change . The post Covid market will be different, but it certainly offers opportunities. With a modified strategy, based on added value and being different and better than the competition, the choices are clear. The Q4 Retail Boardroom Cockpit is the tool to find the answers through analysis and simulation to facilitate in staying ahead of the retail curve.

Q4  Boardroom Cockpit , gateway to continuity !

The Boardroom Cockpit brings insight, not only about results like customer- and employee satisfaction, but also about the requirements needed to create customer- and employee satisfaction. By benchmarking competitors data (if available) or benchmarking on own data, discoveries and improvements can be made. The Boardroom Cockpit provides an overview of the coherence and relationship of all key indicators.

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